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Curling Clubs are the best way forward if you would like to continue playing on a regular basis, meet new players and develop your game. Curling Clubs operate during the curling season from September to April, depending on ice rink opening times.

Virtual Clubs

‘Virtual Clubs’ are open to all new curlers who have attended a Beginners Class and are a good introduction to the club environment, allowing you to play regularly with curlers at the same level, meet new people and try out different team positions with the support of an RCCC (The Royal Caledonian Curling Club – National Governing Body for Curling in Scotland) qualified coach. Members may also get the opportunity to play in inter club competitions and the National Virtual Club Bonspiel. Virtual Clubs are a relatively new concept and are being established in more and more ice rinks across the country, look out for one near you.


There are over 600 curling clubs in Scotland affiliated to the RCCC if you’re looking to continue the sport long term. Clubs are ready to welcome new members and offer regular curling, social events, access to regional and national competitions and membership of the RCCC with its wide range of associated benefits. Some clubs cater for specific groups such as age, gender or disability. All curling clubs operate out of the 22 ice rinks in Scotland which have curling facilities.

Check the websites of Curling in England the Welsh Curling Association and the Irish Curling Association for news and links to local clubs.

Photo by Andy Macpherson

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